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The terrifying truths about borrowing money are wrought with deception. You need money, find someone who will give it to you, sign a ton of paperwork agreeing to pay back the money and rinse and repeat throughout your life.  Our blogs share some special insight into this very matter.  Getting in debt is easy.  Getting out of debt takes some skill and strategy.

Smart Debt is blogging about debt and its deceptions.  Check out the articles to date and watch for more to post soon.

Smart Debt wants to share a new opportunity with you that most people aren’t aware of.  We found it. We use it. We will be debt-free in 4 years instead of 17 and save $63k. Our dreams are becoming a reality sooner than expected.  Financial security for retirement isn’t so scary anymore.


The Debt Fueled Economy

The Debt Fueled Economy The Debt Fueled Economy We Live In How many times have you heard the statement, “we live in a debt fueled economy”? More than you want to acknowledge, I’m sure.  Well, we all know it’s true.  It’s getting worse by the year. The sad reality is that we’re not taught how…

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Financial Independence

Financial Independence? Whaaa? How Will You Attain Financial Independence? What does financial independence look like to you?  A paid off mortgage, no more monthly payments on car loans, student loans and credit cards. Perhaps the ability to travel, own a vacation home or pay for your grandchildren’s education. The possibilities are endless when you have…

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Adam’s Confidential Debt Analysis

Adam’s Confidential Debt Analysis Story Confidential Debt Analysis – How It Works. Adam contacted us after seeing our Facebook Ad. He wanted to know how the program would work for him. He had just bought a home and his goal was to be able to eliminate his mortgage in less than ten years. We responded…

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