Debt Shredder Survey

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We’re so excited you’re taking the next step to your Financial Freedom. Here are some important points to know about the process:

1 – As you complete this survey you are qualifying for your Debt Analysis – a $250 value at no cost to you.
2 – Your information is completely confidential – in fact we don’t need any personal information other than your name and email (which we will NEVER sell).
3 – Please complete all the data requested – if something does not apply to you put “0” or “NA”.
4 – In order for the program to get you to Zero Debt the fastest you must:

  • Follow simple directions
  • Have internet access – this secure program is online and accessible from any device
  • Commit 15-20 minutes each week/month to work in the program
  • Seek customer assistance when you need it to keep you on track